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January 22, 2016

Authentic Exemplars: Student publications from EDER 603.23 – Writing Educational Research

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One of the most rewarding elements of teaching is watching students succeed. In EDER 603.23 -Writing Educational Research, we work with Master of Education students to help them prepare a manuscript that might be suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed conference or journal. Here are some authentic examples of former students of mine who took the leap and chose to submit their work for consideration, with the result being successful publication of their work:

Quinn, E. (2015). Designing a professional learning model to support creativity in teaching and learning. Paper presented at the IDEAS: Designing Responsive Pedagogy. Retrieved from

Becker, S. (2014). A win-win situation: Developing a system of reflection and documentation for a grade 4 arts-infused inquiry. One World in Dialogue, 3(1), 17-27. Retrieved from

I am thrilled to share their work with you and I look forward to adding the work of more students to this list over time.

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January 2, 2016

EDER 603.23 – Writing Educational Research – Winter 2016


I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to teach one of my favourite courses again in the Winter semester. Even better, I already know many of the students who are enrolled and I welcome the opportunity to work with this academically strong group again.

Here’s a downloadable .pdf of the course outline: EDER_603.23_L09_Eaton_W2016 (approved)

This term, all the instructors who will teach the course in the Winter semester worked to collaboratively design a common outline for all sections of the course. We will use a common approach to teaching, assignments and due dates.

The objective of the course is to engage students in thinking about publishing their work in a public format. Here is an example from a previous student of mine in this course who published her first refereed conference paper as a direct result of her work in this course:

Quinn, E. (2015). Designing a professional learning model to support creativity in teaching and learning. Paper presented at the IDEAS: Designing Responsive Pedagogy, Calgary, AB. Retrieved from:

I hope that this example inspires students in the Winter semester to seek publication of their own research in a credible (e.g. peer reviewed) format. Now is an exciting time for graduate students who want to work towards sharing work in a published format. There are more opportunities than ever before for graduate students to learn what it takes to have their work published in conference proceedings or journals.

Here’s a quick link if you want to send this post to someone else: EDER 603.23 – Writing Educational Research – Winter 2016 –…arch-winter-2016/

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